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Minecraft 1.9 Update

Minecraft 1.9 – The Combat Update!

Hello fellow Minecrafters! Most of the time, Mondays tend to be a bit boring, leaving us in the doldrums throughout the day. Not only that, but today is also a Leap year day, which makes it a rare occasion. Today my friends, we’re happy to announce that Minecraft 1.9 is now released, and is being added to all servers as we speak, and we should have it ready for you to play later on today.

What 1.9 Offers

With this Minecraft update comes a ton of changes to the combat mechanics of the game, along with some other great new additions for map making. All of the additions to 1.9 will really add to the combat and fighting gameplay Minecraft brings, along with some new mobs, new blocks, and a IGLOO!!! Here is the list, with a few we’re really excited about highlighted.

Here is the list of updates:

  • Added shields
  • Attacking now has a “cool-down” delay, making it more important to time your attacks
  • You can now hold items in both hands (default quick key to swap items is ‘F’)
  • Swords have a special sweep attack
  • Axes have a special crushing blow attack
  • Added the elytra
  • New mob: Shulker
  • Expanded The End
  • Added Chorus plants
  • New Purpur blocks
  • New End Rod block
  • Added dragon head block
  • Ender Dragon can be re summoned
  • Added beetroot and beetroot soup (from MC:PE)
  • Added grass path block
  • Added igloos
  • Armor protection values have been lowered
  • Added tipped arrows
  • Added spectral arrows
  • Added Frost Walker enchantment and frosted ice block
  • Added a whole bunch of new sound effects
  • Added sound effect subtitles
  • Brewing Stand now requires Blaze Powder to activate
  • Added skeleton riders
  • We believe we’ve fixed MC-10 and a whole bunch of other issues
  • Removed Herobrine

Read on Mojang Blog

The only thing we’re a bit upset about, is that they’ve removed Herobrine! 🙁

Other than that this looks to be a big update for us, and we’re excited to get out and try some of this new stuff out! Thanks for reading our blog, and be sure to check back later! Happy Crafting!

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