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How Can I Get My Parents to Play Minecraft?

How Can I Get My Parents to Play Minecraft?

Hello and welcome back to our blog! Today we’d like to talk about something that we keep hearing from a lot of players online and customers of, and that is “How to get my parents to play Minecraft with me”.

With Minecraft topping Digital Sales Charts on PS4 this month, and new DLC on the way, Minecraft has started making it’s way into the living room.

In addition to that, Minecraft For Windows 10 is in beta, and comes with any existing purchase of Minecraft, can give kids and parents easier access to Minecraft. Let’s not forget Minecraft Pocket Edition steaming ahead in 2016 with redstone components.

With more than 20 million people playing Minecraft, it’s only natural to want to play with friends and specifically family members.

But it’s not always so easy to get parents interested in Minecraft as we’ve heard and found, so we’d like to help give you some reasons to share with parents on why they should join in on the fun!

Minecraft is Essentially Digital Legos

Starting right off with something that hits you right in your childhood, Legos, are definitely akin to how the Minecraft world works. The basic measurements for construction in Minecraft is a cube, or block, which is very similar to Lego blocks as you build.


This gives you and your parents unlimited possibilities to build anything your heart and mind desires, leading to hours of safe, quality fun.

Violence is Limited

For the most part, Minecraft isn’t too violent. You do have to fight and kill animals and creatures to survive, but there is no blood or gore like many other games. Many times, there really is no way to “win” the game, keeping competition to a minimum and allowing for maximum creativity.

Minecraft is mostly non violent

Minecraft features two main types of game modes, Creative and Survival. In Creative, you’ll never have to worry about monsters or creatures, leaving you to build as you please. Survival, albeit a little bit harder, can be a fun way to create adventures with your parents through the game world.

You Can Play Alone, or With Many

Often times parent’s #1 worry in online gaming is bad language and bullying. Minecraft deals with that by allowing you to have your own single game world, where only you; or a select group of players can join, or if you’re feeling safe and secure about an Online Minecraft Server, jump into a moderated one where cursing and harassment is managed in real-time.

You Learn While Playing

Minecraft’s basic game design is very much an interpretation of everyday life if you were to live on your own, and could provide valuable lessons on what types of tools you’d need to complete what task, and further your understanding of basic elements like iron, gold, and diamond all while playing a game with your kids!

Minecraft Learn While Gaming

A study conducted by researchers at Australia’s Griffith University, called “Minecraft as a teaching tool: A statistical study of teachers’ experience using Minecraft in the classroom,” concluded that Minecraft can be “very successful as a teaching tool and that learners showed high levels of motivation and participation – which suggests improved learning.”

It’s Just Fun

In the end, think of Minecraft as an unlimited world of Legos that you can create, build, and destroy as you please. There’s nothing stopping you and your children from replicating your mother’s house, a favorite monument, or even a castle built from your imagination.

That’s why Minecraft is so great, in the end it’s up to you.

Minecraft Can Be Fun

Parents Read This!

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