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Latest News & Updates From MINECON 2016

Latest News & Updates From MINECON 2016

Hey gamers!

Whew! We’re tired, that’s for sure. Here at Minecon 2016 we’ve been running around like a couple of crazy people trying to meet everyone and experience all of the awesome stuff Minecraft and Mojang has put together for us!

In that vein, we’ve been taking a lot of notes over the weekend to help put together this blog post, to outline the latest news and additions coming / released from MINECON 2016. We hope this list helps you prepare for Minecraft in the future, and hopefully give you some great ideas to put together on your server!

Minecraft Chinese Mythology Mash-up

Coming to us on Oct 4, existing owners of Minecraft: Console Edition will be able to download the new Chinese Mythology Mash-Up pack for just $4.99. This pack will include a pre-made world that features an ancient city with dragons dwelling in the high mountains of the world.

It will also include 41 brand-new skins, 13 themed music tracks for your world, and a special map for the Battle mini game. With this new mash-up you’ll get a free update that’ll introduce polar bears and their babies roaming through the frozen biomes, new items, blocks, banners, and terrain generation! Check it out in the video below.

VR & Boss Fights!

If you’re into VR like we are here (HTC VIVE FTW!), you’re going to be really excited about this next update. Coming Oct 18th to the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta, Minecraft Pocket and Minecraft Gear VR Edition, are the very first boss battles for Minecraft, which includes tweaks and changes to the Elder Guardian, Wither Boss, and more.

Along with the VR and boss battles, you will also now have “Addons” which will be simple text files that allow you to tweak the world of Minecraft. You will be able to download free examples on in the future.

New Input Options

Also during the Oct 18th update, we should be expecting some new input options for Minecraft, including the Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth, along with Oculus Touch support coming shortly thereafter.

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Minecon is Coming!

MINECON is coming!!!

Hey Minecrafters, hope you’re having a good Friday! We here at are excited for 2 reasons:

1.) The weather here in our NY location is great and we might finally get out to catch some Pokemon!
2.) Minecon is getting CLOSER!!!!!!

It’s tough to keep the excitement under wraps, especially in our team Slack feed. Lots of good ideas coming for 2017 for sure. If you’re not going, don’t worry, you can join in the festivities remotely using the power of internet streaming video. Watch the event live from the Mojang MINECON site on the 24th and 25th September.

If you are going, you should probably take a moment to check out the Mojang MINECON Schedule and get prepared to plan out your experience!

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We're Going to Minecon

See You at Minecon 2016!

That’s right folks, you think we’d miss out on another Minecon in the US? No way! We loved attending Minecon 2015, and we couldn’t wait to get back.

This year, we’ll be sending Jake T, our CEO and Founder, out into the crowd to meet and greet all of you Minecrafters. If you see him, be sure to say hello!

In addition to that, we’ll be sure to have our banner up, and be sure to use the special coupon code useful for any Minecon attendees, exiting customers or not!

We can’t wait to see all of the events and photos coming from this year’s Minecon, and if you haven’t already, be sure to head over to Mojang’s Minecon 2016 website to check out all of the details.

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minecraft 1.10.2 update

Minecraft Update 1.10.2 – Problem Solver

Hello fellow Minecrafters! We’re here with a quick blog update letting you know about the latest 1.10.2 update that helps solve a lot of the problems our users and many other users all over the world were having with the last update 1.10.1.

If you’re a customer of, you can already update to it, just save your world and update using the dropdown in your control panel.

Here are the details of the update:

This is a smaller update taking care of some of the most annoying reported bugs. We are also planning to release another update for 1.10.x in a few weeks that takes care of some less critical but still annoying issues. – Mojang

Issues fixed in version 1.10.2:

[Bug MC-103981] – Missing BlockEntity (Piston_Extension, …)
Issues fixed in version 1.10.1:

  • [Bug MC-85162] – Slight player/mob offset when on Farmland Block
  • [Bug MC-99914] – DataWatcher / EntityMetadata ID is based on the class load order
  • [Bug MC-100333] – Entities from old (<= 1.5.2) worlds are killed when loaded in current versions due to a typo in the health data fixer
  • [Bug MC-102072] – Structure Block: Unable to navigate in the “structure name” field of structure blocks, using the arrow-keys, pos1, end or the delete key
  • [Bug MC-102867] – chat key bound to unicode char causes crash in creative inventory
  • [Bug MC-103177] – Missing subtitles for polar bears, strays, husks, and wither skeletons
  • [Bug MC-103497] – End Dragon Does not respawn

If you experience crashes during multiplayer sessions, we need to know if you were playing on a vanilla server or a modified server. We still get crash reports in our backend systems that we can’t reproduce and we need more information to analyze that problem. It seems to be a rare but annoying problem for some players.

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whats new at minecraftserver

The 1.10 Minecraft Update “Frostburn”

Well, we’re happy to say there’s a new Minecraft update titled “Frostburn”! This Minecraft update comes with some really cool additions, and a hot one too! We’re really excited to see the polar bears along with the large mushrooms, what are you excited for?

If you’re a customer, you’ve had the option for 1.10 since it was released! Just choose it in your dropdown in the control panel. Have any issues with it, just contact support and open up a ticket!

Here is a list of all the changes:

  • Many bug fixes
  • Added Polar Bear
  • Added Husk and Stray
  • An auto-jump option
  • Improvements to some commands
  • Structure blocks for custom maps
  • Underground fossils made from bone blocks
  • Added Magma Block
  • Added Nether Wart Block and Red Nether Bricks
  • Some huge mushrooms can be even larger
  • A rare chance to find lonely trees in plains
  • Find abandoned mine shafts filled with gold in mesa biomes
  • Villages generate better paths between the buildings
  • More variations of villages, based on the biomes they are built in
  • Endermen have been spotted in the Nether
  • Removed Herobrine

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Minecraft 1.9 Update

Minecraft 1.9 – The Combat Update!

Hello fellow Minecrafters! Most of the time, Mondays tend to be a bit boring, leaving us in the doldrums throughout the day. Not only that, but today is also a Leap year day, which makes it a rare occasion. Today my friends, we’re happy to announce that Minecraft 1.9 is now released, and is being added to all servers as we speak, and we should have it ready for you to play later on today.

What 1.9 Offers

With this Minecraft update comes a ton of changes to the combat mechanics of the game, along with some other great new additions for map making. All of the additions to 1.9 will really add to the combat and fighting gameplay Minecraft brings, along with some new mobs, new blocks, and a IGLOO!!! Here is the list, with a few we’re really excited about highlighted.

Here is the list of updates:

  • Added shields
  • Attacking now has a “cool-down” delay, making it more important to time your attacks
  • You can now hold items in both hands (default quick key to swap items is ‘F’)
  • Swords have a special sweep attack
  • Axes have a special crushing blow attack
  • Added the elytra
  • New mob: Shulker
  • Expanded The End
  • Added Chorus plants
  • New Purpur blocks
  • New End Rod block
  • Added dragon head block
  • Ender Dragon can be re summoned
  • Added beetroot and beetroot soup (from MC:PE)
  • Added grass path block
  • Added igloos
  • Armor protection values have been lowered
  • Added tipped arrows
  • Added spectral arrows
  • Added Frost Walker enchantment and frosted ice block
  • Added a whole bunch of new sound effects
  • Added sound effect subtitles
  • Brewing Stand now requires Blaze Powder to activate
  • Added skeleton riders
  • We believe we’ve fixed MC-10 and a whole bunch of other issues
  • Removed Herobrine

Read on Mojang Blog

The only thing we’re a bit upset about, is that they’ve removed Herobrine! 🙁

Other than that this looks to be a big update for us, and we’re excited to get out and try some of this new stuff out! Thanks for reading our blog, and be sure to check back later! Happy Crafting!

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whats new at minecraftserver

What’s New at

We’ve had a really exciting 2015 here at, and at times it seems we are a bit more quiet than other companies, that’s only because we’re working hard on the backside of things innovating minecraft hosting for our customers and community!

Brand New Website

As you can probably tell we launched a new website in 2015 for, a custom built website using the Bootstrap framework. After many changes, tweaks and iterations, we’re really happy with it, and we hope you are too! We’ve really taken a more family friendly approach, in addition to adding as much useful information to the homepage as possible, so it’s easier for kids and parents to make an educated decision between us, another hosting company, and Minecraft Realms.

New Lower Pricing

After improving our company-owned infrastructure we were able to cut costs directly in overhead costs, allowing us to decrease our pricing across the board. We also offer savings when purchasing more months at once, increasing when buy your hosting plans at 3, 6 or 12 months.

Customized & Upgraded Control Panel is partnered with Multicraft, the leading minecraft server control panel provider, and we have been offering the beta version of Multicraft 2.0 to a select group of users to help us work out the kinks, and after a few months, we are now able to proudly offer a faster, leaner Multicraft control panel customized for user needs! We’re very happy with the updates and changes to Multicraft 2.0, but we wanted to add a few more options to ensure our customers have everything they need.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

This has been requested a lot by our customers, and we sincerely apologize for the delay. We wanted to make sure we had everything squared away before starting to offer it to the public. We should have it added to our website and your existing control panel before the end of January, and thank you for your patience!

Anything Else?

Yes! We’ve taken on a few new staff members here in 2015 to help improve the service and support of, which means you can expect an even quicker response than our normal ticket response times, and of course calls or pre-sales questions.

We’ve also increased security not only on our sites and control panels, but also our data-center locations in NY and Seattle, providing you even more security using our hosting service.


Finally, we’d like to take this time to thank you for choosing We pride ourselves our competitive pricing, outstanding service and great customer support, and because of you we can keep doing that in 2016.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to open a ticket! We’re always here to help.

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